Rush My Transfer Order

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Effective Immediately (4/24/22)

Only add this to your cart AFTER speaking with Lorianne!

Orders need to be in before 9am (EST) for it to go out the following business day.

Any rush orders placed on Fridays before 9am EST will go out Saturday.

Any rush orders placed Saturday or Sunday regardless of them being placed before 9am EST will not go out until TUESDAY.

There is obviously, always the possibility of it going out, but no guarantee. I do try to get these rush orders out as fast as humanly possible, and usually if they are placed after the cut off they still do go out, but I can’t always guarantee that will happen.

Weekends I am closed, and I can not process them to go out on Monday. I haven’t been enforcing being “closed” on the weekends, but summer time is coming and I need to start enforcing it more to spend the time with my boys!

This speeds up the processing time - it does NOT upgrade the shipping speed!

If you want to upgrade your shipping speed to priority then add this listing: