Oval Wood Cut Out - Unfinished Laser Cut Shape - DIY Wood Shapes - Natural Wood - Door Sign Blanks - Unfinished Wood Shape Craft Supply (#3)


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This wood cut out is made out of 1/4 inch Birch.

Please note - With the wood shortages I do primarily used Birch BUT if I have an issue finding it Maple might be used in its place.

This cut out comes in its natural state. It is not stained and unsanded.

With this product the possibilities are endless - you can apply vinyl or paint it. Drill holes and make a door hanger. You can even start your own paint party business!

NONE of the wood cut outs come with any hardware for hanging or holes

(SOME of the gift tag shaped ones DO have holes on them which will be shown in the main picture!)

If one of the display pictures shows a finished product that is an example, these wood cut outs come UNPAINTED.

Measurements given are in INCHES WIDE. The design will auto adjust to the length so then the design is proportionate and doesn't look wonky. Please keep in mind, if the design is thin in width and long you will get a larger design. Think of like a soda bottle design, it is a narrow design but it is already long/tall to begin with. If you have any questions on measurements you can always Email me Help.LorsTransfersAndGifts@Gmail.com and I can then send you what the exact measurements will be.


All wood cut outs are made in house. There may be small imperfections since these are home made. Since these are wood each piece of wood is different as far as markings and/or wood knots - I unfortunately have no control over that. There may be small marks and/or blemishes on the back of the cut out from the laser, which can't be prevented. Unless the item specifically mentions it items are meant to be single sided. Please also note that there is NO hardware included with any of the wood cut outs and any hanging hardware is your responsibility. Once these are purchased I am not responsible for user error etc. these are non-refundable. Purchasing this item means you agree to the terms and conditions

These are made to order so go along with the normal processing of the website which pops up during checkout. If I don’t have a huge amount of orders it will be quicker!

Please remember, Business days does NOT include weekends or holidays.

Please also note, while I wish I could I can not control shipping delays. I am not responsible for any shipping delays caused by (FEDEX, USPS, UPS).

By Purchasing this item means you agree to the terms and conditions.