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I have opened up my own website. It has all the same items as my Etsy store plus exclusive Sublimation Transfers.

The best part is on my website the Sublimation Transfers are an everyday low price!
3 Inch Wide Sublimation Transfers are 70¢
5 Inch Wide Sublimation Transfers are 80¢
Letter Size Sublimation Transfers are 90¢
10.5 Inch Wide Sublimation Transfers are $1.80

Website: www.LorsTransferDeals.com

I am able to charge cheaper pricing on my website because Etsy seller fees are so high - so I want to pass the savings onto my customers as well!

In addition to the website I also have a Text Club:
Text: LorsTransfers to 1-844-311-4092
I send out text alerts about new Sublimation Transfer design launches and also promotions.

Make sure you join my Facebook Group
I would LOVE to see what you make with the Transfers!



>>>>>>>>>>SIZING<<<<<<<<<<<<<< the sizes given are showing the WIDTH, I will not have an image awkwardly stretched out. So for example if the width is 7.5 inches then however the image naturally lays for the length is how it will fall. THE SIZES OFFERED ARE IN INCHES! IN THE PICTURES THERE ARE SIZING SUGGESTIONS TO ASSIST WITH ORDERING. >>>>>>>>>>>>DISCLAIMER<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Each order will come with directions they are also posted on the site. It is your responsibility as the buyer to know your machine and have the proper materials. Also please note, due to the settings of each individual’s monitor the colors sometimes vary in the printed version. With this being said, the colors might look slightly different between the listing and the physical item. Once these are purchased I am not responsible for user error etc. these are non-refundable. Purchasing this item means you agree to the terms and conditions. >>>>>>>GENERAL DIRECTIONS<<<<<<<< What Shirts Work: •Transfers are to be applied onto shirts with a HIGH polyester count. •100% WHITE POLYESTER is preferable for the most vibrant colors. •65% polyester the item will give you a faded, vintage look as the item is washed. •Nothing less than 65% polyester is recommended. •Shirts light in color will work, but white is best! •If you use a colored shirt (other than white) where there is white on the transfer, it will then become the color of the shirt. •Using shirts other than white will alter the over all colors. ••••BLACK SHIRTS WILL NOT WORK NO MATTER WHAT!•••• >>>>>>>APPLICATION DIRECTIONS<<<<<<<< **THIS VARIES MACHINE TO MACHINE** 
•385-400 degrees for 40-55 seconds using Medium Pressure •Pre-Press shirt first for 5 seconds •Put butcher paper inside of the shirt to prevent bleeding through to the back. •Put transfer face down on shirt •Cover with butcher paper •Press and remove both the butcher paper and transfer immediately. >>>>>>>IMPORTANT NOTES<<<<<<<<<< •A Household iron is NOT going to work for these applications you will need a COMMERCIAL HEAT PRESS •PLEASE NOTE: All Heat Presses vary so what works perfectly for one heat press might not work for another. >>>>>>WASHING DIRECTIONS<<<<<<<<<< Washing your sublimated items the following way will best preserve the print: •Machine Wash Cold •Turn shirt inside out •NO DRYER - hang dry •NO IRON •NO BLEACH •NO FABRIC SOFTENER •DO NOT DRY CLEAN >>>>>>>>RECOMMENDED SHIRTS TO USE WITH SUBLIMATION TRANSFERS<<<<<<<<<< Since Sublimation dyes the shirt fabric it is important that you use a high polyester count shirt -- 65% or higher! Remember, since it dyes it has to be light in color as well. The shirt I use for my own orders is the following: White Marble Bella + Canvas 3005 Unisex Short Sleeve These shirts are 91% polyester and they sub beautifully! Here is a link: https://www.jiffyshirts.com/bellacanvas-3005.html?ac=White+Marble PLEASE make sure it is on the White Marble selection before purchasing! >>>>>>>>>>>CAN I USE THE SUBLIMATION TRANSFERS ON DARK COLORED/BLACK SHIRTS?<<<<<<<<<<<<< The short and simple answer to that is no! Sublimation “dyes” the fabric and with that being said if can’t dye black fabric. If you’re looking to press on black (or any other dark colors) it’s best you look into HTV or screen print transfers (neither of which I sell at this time, sorry!) Sublimation works best on white/light colored fabrics. >>>>>>>>>>>CAN I USE SUBLIMATION ON COTTON SHIRTS?<<<<<<<<<< No! Sublimation “dyes” the fabric and with that being said it can’t “stick” to the cotton fabric. Which is why Sublimation works best on a 65% (or more) polyester count fabrics (or other materials coated specifically for sublimation). You do have a few options for this if you do want to work with cotton shirts. There are a few sprays you can use (I don’t endorse any brands simply because I’ve never used them before) - many people have great success with these sprays! It basically coats the cotton shirts with the polyester additive it needs to make the ink “stick” - as I mentioned above that’s all I know, I’ve never used any of them. If you don’t want to deal with any of the sprays then HTV or screen prints are best for you! ----------------------------------------------- INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Buyer is responsible for ANY customs charges.