Sublimation Blanks: Shrink wrap for 20oz Skinny Tumblers

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This Shrink wrap is used for the tumblers (depending on the technique you use). PLEASE make sure that when you use the heat gun you constantly rotate the tumbler. If you are constantly hitting the same spot with the heat gun you WILL burn through the shrink wrap causing holes. Make sure you are using low temperature on the heat gun. I also advise to wear heat gloves so you don't burn yourself.


Equipment Needed: Heat Gun


Please note:

-Any time/temps given can vary machine to machine. Not all heat presses (this also goes for conventional ovens for the tumblers) are created equally or run the same way. It is important that you test your heat press/Conventional oven to confirm the temperature is running accurately. To do so, I recommend getting a temperature reading gun - they are sold on Amazon and they are super affordable! They are also good to have handy. (LINK FOR TEMPERATURE READING GUN: is not endorsed in any way shape or form, just an affordable one off Amazon that would work.)


-Teflon sheets are not recommended for sublimation. They can absorb the ink and then potentially get onto your heat press and ruin future projects. I suggest investing in a roll of butcher paper. The butcher paper should be uncoated/untreated. I might be crazy, but I also prefer only using the white.  (LINK FOR WHITE UNCOATED/UNTREATED BUTCHER PAPER This is not endorsed in any way shape or form, just an affordable one off Amazon that would work.)


-Sublimation tape is recommended to have and use. I know there’s many that don’t use it at all, but I don’t do anything without it. Makes it so much easier to prevent moving of the Sublimation Transfer!


-I DO NOT recommend using a Cricut Easy Press. There isn’t enough consistency or any way to control the proper pressure needed for the sublimation process to properly work.


-There is a possibility if an item is not popular I will not restock the blanks. This can happen without notice.


-All sales are final. There are No returns. No exchanges. No refunds. I am not responsible if you bought something you didn’t like etc. if there was something send wrong/damaged then I need to be notified by email ( within 48 hours of receiving the package. If product is damaged I need to have a picture of the box as well.